Weekend On Wheels In Thailand!

The sound of Thailand gives an imagery of exotic wildlife, spectacular islands, huge Buddhist temples and mild aromas of authentic Thai food. Flying from one place to another or taking overnight buses would surely minimize the travel time but cannot give you an adrenaline like that of a bicycle tour.

if you are visiting Thailand on a holiday, rent a bicycle or be a part of a biking tour to get soaked in the beauty of this 'land of smiles'. There are various tour operators to choose from across phuket, Krabi, and chiang mai. Exploring the cities on a cycling tour enables you to have a rendezvous with the locals and to catch a glimpse of the exquisite sunset at one of its beaches. You can also enjoy an afternoon lunch of authentic Thai curry and cycle around phuket to catch hold of its natural beauty and wildlife. The availability of umpteen choices makes Thailand a destination to explore on a bicycle all the more interesting.

The best time to cycle around Thailand is from November through mid-April, where the winters set-in from the last half of October. The major highways in Thailand have wide by lanes for cyclists and scooters. The lanes that do not have such arrangements maintain a low level of traffic to ensure the safety of cyclists.

cyclists racing

The biking tour operators include a list of exhaustive activities like a boat trip to some magnificent islands or wildlife tour in your weekend programme, depending on the kind of tour you have opted. You can cycle along the stretches of chiang mai to Kanchanaburi or from Hua Hin to phuket. The most preferred route would be through the southern sandy beaches or the lush green hilly regions of north, from chiang mai to the golden triangle formed by the River Mekong. Another alternative would be to pedal to the north of Bangkok for witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the mountains, discover archaeological sites and indulge in the cultural and traditional ways of hilly tribes.

It is always suggested to check with your guide or tour operator for the kind of trails and other arrangements such as food and lodging. You may also embark on a more laid-back, relaxed trip to mountains or go for a raw deal of adventure through the tropical forests and vast farmland. There are also suggestions to either opt a weekend trip or multi-day cycling trips depending on the vacation package. Besides them, phang nag province with rubber and oil-palm plantation, KohYao Noi daytime trip and phuket island loop-ride at night are some of the other worth mentioning places of interest. Also you can be a part of groups that ride on a regular basis in chiang Mai.Being a part of such groups allows you to move on your pace as you'll always find someone with similar preferences. You can always find more details about these packages on various travel websites. Touring around on a bicycle is not just an eco-friendly means to enjoy your vacation but leaves you with an unforgettable experience.