The Top Best Bicycling Routes In Thailand

Thailand is best mapped on a bicycle than on wheels or on a tourist bus. There are several biking trails such as single, double and night trails to suit your ends. Central Thailand is known as mtb or the motor biking territory has some of the most remote and challenging trails for experienced cyclists. You may also take on the road at your own risk or join a larger group for added fun.

The heavy traffic on the roads never deters bikers as most of them have wide pavements for bicycles and light vehicles. Friendly people make cycling all the more convenient by following the traffic rules. Besides crystal clear beaches of the south, stunning landscape and scenic limestone mountains of the north call out to tourists.

However there are plenty of stretches for pedaling through the beaches of south or the hilly terrains of north but here is a short glance on the most varied kind of routes:

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1. Picture north Thailand on bike - Starting at chiang mai through the hills to the golden triangle, the River Mekong draws boundaries between Burma, Laos and Thailand. It is fun to ride in the north through the Limestone Mountains of chiang dao to the captivating Mae salak village along the river of Mae kok. Take on different trails and back roads with a little traffic and use a combination of bikes, water boats and elephants cut trails to reach lahu village. You can also reach the golden triangle via the Chinese village doi Mae salong and Burmese markets in Mae sai.

2. Chinatown - The network of alleys in the mysterious district of Chinatown gives you a sneak peek into the spiral architecture of the exotic street markets along with several temples that transport you to the 60s era. From the scents and scenes of Chinatown, you can crossover to the River of Chao Phraya to get on with the serene back-roads of thonburi district. Here you will find lesser known temples, markets and princess memorial mother park. The park has magnetizing prowess and is yet less crowded and amidst the tall branches rests a small museum that's worth a visit. Continue the trail to reach the 'temple of the dawn' with its towering prangs embellished by broken pieces of Chinese porcelain. From here take a boat-ride to reach the royal barge museum on the Chao Phraya River. This half-day15-km stretch is suitable for all level of riders.

3. Ayutthaya - A remnant of the Burmese invasion, it still emanates the city's beauty and history from its ruins. It is a one-day trip which you can start from Bangkok and trail through the UNESCO heritage site of Ayutthaya historical park. Take a good look on the weathered-layers of burnt bricks that form the stupas and towering chedis. Bike through the dilapidated city walls, precious structures and click the famous Buddha engraved with snarling roots alongside. You can also Cycle through the back-roads, passing quaint villages to the countryside. On the other side of the river is the wat niwet thamapra, a gothic temple on a river island and the Thai king's summer palace.

Thailand has so many other fun places in the offing. Book a tour, co-ordinate with your tour guide to peddle through the beauty of nature.