Planning Right, Explore More For Less!

Lodging and food comes in plenty and quite cheaper in Thailand and if you are on a budget vacation, this is your haven. No luxury coaches to hop on, no hefty charges to pay to tour operators; pick-up a bike and your mountain gear and you are ready to map Thailand on your two-wheeler. A bicycle tour not only comes cheaper than all other means but is eco-friendly too.

Bangkok is well connected globally and poses no threat to throw your bicycle while on train/bus. It is not an ideal destination to bike all year around as for the hot and the humid weather conditions. So follow the Thai ways and take a nap under shades during noon as it could be difficult for backpackers to locate a decent camping option as hotel rooms come cheaper than that.

Key-pointers for your planner!


1. Thailand comes calling! The accommodation - Thailand tourism is all about good food, cheap accommodation in hotels that are usually neat and great treat to your senses when you are out there on the trails with your bike. You have the luxury of choice from among home stays, hotels, guesthouses and 'resorts', true to their sounds. They have modern amenities like swimming pool and excellent rooms as well and cost you anywhere between 250-400 baht. For above 300 baht you get an air-conditioned room with television as well.

2. Off-the-beaten-track - if you trail on a lookout of camp-sites, study the local language and be sure that you can read the sign-ages. They often answer to exact queries. So do not expect them to give you probable choices, instead shoot exact questions like if they say no hotels nearby then ask for home stays or guesthouses. You can find a few campsites inside the national parks but they can rob you off your budget. Instead look for forest parks that allow free admission or backpackers can camp in temples or outside schools or community buildings.

2. Transport your bike - In Thailand it is okay to carry your bike along as trains have special cargo carriage to carry bikes and other stuff. This option is available with only select trains, so be aware of the timings and travel points as well. Carrying the bike along may cost several times the cost of a ticket but is still reasonable when you convert currencies. Bus is an option too and far more frequent and comfortable but boarding your bike can be a challenge. You have to adjust its handlebars and remove wheels. Whether you have to shell out extra money for loading your bikes on a bus is not always clear. So be cautious and a little haggling is unarming.

3. Plan your calendar right - Broadly, the climate of Thailand is the same year around, hot and humid to soaring temperatures of at least 30degrees. Wet season runs from July to October in north of Bangkok and the low inflow of tourists during these seasons slash down the hotel charges plus gives you the maximum advantage of lush green landscape.