National Park Trails Of Thailand

Thailand is as diverse in geography as is India in its cultures. Thailand has many national parks and untouched natural reserves of hugely beneficial flora and fauna. There are numerous forest parks in the north of Thailand, and in north-east, central-east and even in southern parts. A cycle ride can take you through the knowledge hidden beneath the tall mountains and give way for some amazing wild life trail in Thailand.

If you are one who loves adventures, go for some amazing forest trails on your bike.

1. The Khao sok national park is covered with the world's oldest evergreen rainforest with massive limestone mountains, deep gorges, wild valleys, exotic locales, freshwater lakes and everything associated with hidden treasures. This is located to the south of Thailand on the mainland between phuket, Krabi, koh samui and Khao lak. You can also participate in a lot of activities like elephant trekking, canoeing and go on jeep safaris. Visit the floating raft houses and luxurious tents at cheow Larn Lake in the centre of the park.


2. Doi inathon is located in chiang mai province and encompasses the highest Thailand Mountains. The mountain doi forms a divide between nam Mae ping river to the east and nam mae chaem river to the west. The lower elevation of the park is warm and dry whereas the summit at 2565m is cold. Due to the breadth of altitude, it houses various bird species including migratory and north Asian birds. Here, bird watching can be a delight. Doi inathon can be reached from chiang mai and Mae klang waterfall is 66km southwest from chiang mai. There are many walking trails as well.

3. Erawan national park is one of the most popular destinations with a 7-tier waterfall in Thailand. Head 65km northwest of Kanchanaburi on route 3199 and find the park at tenasserim hills along the thai-Burma border. Number of limestone caves surrounded by orchids and wild plants are worth visiting. The prathat cave, 12km away from the centre and wang badan are noteworthy. The most beautiful of all sights is the 7-tier waterfall. Various tiers form deep pools, ideal for swimming. It is a magnificent view as you go up to the top of the trail. A popular belief suggests the seventh tier of the waterfall symbolizes a Hindu mythological character, erawan - a 3-headed elephant. Accommodation is also available inside the park or you may pitch a tent.

4. Koh chang is the largest Thai island after phuket and is located near Cambodian border off the coast of trat province. Koh chang is an archipelago, consists 47 islands off the coast of trat. Abundant in wildlife, it has the macaque, javan mongoose, king cobras, barking deer, wild boar, green imperial pigeon, hooded pitta, nightjar and many others. The island is 30km long and mountains are covered with dense vegetation, spectacular waterfalls and numerous secluded beaches. Until recently there was dearth of electricity, roads and telephone cables to the island but the situation has improved since touristy activities give a lease of life to these bunch of islands.