Mountain Biking Trails In Thailand

Chiang mai, the cultural capital in the north of Thailand offers sightseeing options such as trekking and mountain biking. You could take your pick based on the themes of city like cultural mountain biking, downhill biking, multi-day and cross country mountain biking. The deep valleys, verdant landscape and glistening water alongside the ride provides for an adventurous trail of mountain-biking.

1. The hill tribe village of chiang mai - Travel north of chiang mai to chiang dao and visit the biggest cave in Thailand to see the image of an ancient Buddha. You can visit the village of lahu hill tribe and pass through the local road to akha village. It leads to the farmland of the Karen tribe village, where you can saddle along the mountain to reach the village of palong and cycle back to the starting point.

2. National park ride - It is a 2 hour travel ride from chiang mai to doi inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand. You can follow the natural trail at the peak of the mountain to visit the twin pagodas and stop by at the Hmong market for lunch. The trail leads you to a dirty track to reach the starting point passing the waterfall and the hill tribe village. This is a mere a full day route and is preferred by most travelers.


3. White water rafting - Travel north of chiang mai and make a stopover to see orchids and butterfly farms on the way. Then cycle down to the, paddy fields along the way to the rural back roads. On your way ahead, you can make a halt to enjoy white water rafting in the river.

4. Downhill village biking - This trail is the most exciting one and takes you through the bamboo bushes and tropical rain forests. It passes through a trail of forests leading to the bottom of the mountain. You can ride along the village roads, on looking rice fields, farms and Thai villages and bike up to the top of the mountain to visit the Buddha cave and then climb down.

5. Cross-country biking trail including on-road, off-road and mountain biking - Enjoy scenery from a mountain top, cross farmlands and forests, kok river to follow tarmac roads through thai villages and temples to reach the golden triangle and off to Laos through a ferry ride. Also you could ride along the Mae Kong River from the golden triangle to explore the ruins of the ancient city of chiang Sean.

6. Twilight night trail in Bangkok - This is for those who are looking for spicing up their cycle tours around the city. It focuses on exploring Bangkok's suburbs and registers less traffic on a Sunday evening, thus making it ideal to make your planner. It starts from pinklao in Bangkok before dusk and with 25 minutes of cycling; you reach the footbridge, cross it with your bikes and then starts a maze of raised pavements (footpaths), railway tracks and an old bridge. Cycle your way to the chiya pruk temple following the road and this trail takes you away from Bangkok's frenzied streets leading to interesting sights and paths along the canals that refresh your senses.

Although tourist activity has increased in recent years, but comparatively Thailand has fewer adrenaline rushing mountain-biking stretches. There is lot of potential to develop single track trails and cycling routes apart from the present ones.