Fun Places To Explore On A Bicycle In Thailand

The diverse topography, excellent pathways and warm hospitality of Thailand makes it a sought after destination for cyclists. People taking a cycling trip on their own and those who are travelling with tour groups have many tour operators to choose from the various websites. Cycling in Thailand is favorable from November through mid-April after which the temperatures soar high and the monsoon sets-in. Cycling tours allow you to realize every moment's worth, enjoy a place at your pace - not too slow, not too fast and just leisurely enough to enjoy the moment.

Cyclists can decide between the various tours such as the Northern Thailand offers, great mountain trails whereas cross country cycling is appealing in the central parts, southern coast and the plateaus along eastern Thailand. Besides them, other major attractions of Thailand are the historical remnants of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, sites of archaeological ruins and the national parks. Thailand also organizes annual cycling events like tour de Thailand and tour de Issan where riders of all ages and abilities are allowed to participate in this racing competition.

Exemplary places you can explore on your bike are:

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Sankampaeng - located in the east of chiang mai, you can cycle through the countryside of Lanna and explore the beauty of the mountainous horizons. This is a one day trek which takes you to the northern parts of the countryside where you could picture water buffaloes and ox ploughing the fields and transporting the harvest.

Central Thailand - on a cycling tour of central Thailand, you can visit the floating market of Damnoen Saduak, ride through plantations, visit several temples of Buddhist faith like wat Amphawan Chetiyaram and wat Phra Manathat which is considered as the most significant temple in Ayutthaya. Temples of Thailand form a major part of tourist attraction and there are plenty of them around every corner.

Kanchanaburi - the breath-taking landscape of mountains, waterfalls, caves and serene riverside is a treat for all nature lovers. There are quite a few places to visit in Kanchanaburi like the historic bridge of kawai, railway museum, the death railway and krasea caves. Besides them, there is the ancient Khmer temple and hellfire pass. These are some of the offbeat tracks in central Thailand.

Heart of Bangkok- Cycling trips to bang ka jao, smaller roads, stylish waterways, Thai houses, temples and local markets can be explored in the heart of the local city. It also takes a half-day trip to Bangkok's very own Chinatown, the grand palace, royal barges museum and so on.

However, there are numerous cycle rides that you can take-on in Thailand like the many national parks, temples and, ancient ruins. Whether you are on a long holiday or a short weekend trip, there are innumerable possibilities for you to explore the alleys and history of Thailand on your bike. The best part of bike tours is that you get to discover the joys of nature at your own pace and travel to destinations without the limitations of time.